A Self-Made Millionaire: Phillip Di Bella

[Original post: Phillip Di Bella, Entrepreneur.]

He’s one of Australia's most celebrated entrepreneurs, a philanthropist and a passionate businessman. His love affair with coffee and natural people skills have revolutionised the coffee industry. His name is Phillip Di Bella, and he’s the face behind the ever growing, always changing Di Bella Coffee.

Phillip’s lifelong passion for coffee began when he was a small boy in his family’s Brisbane home. A budding barista from a young age, his skills led to a career at Brisbane’s landmark Cosmopolitan Café.

In 2002, Phillip launched Di Bella Coffee. A keen observer of people, Phillip was dissatisfied with the level of customer service in the industry and was convinced he had something better to offer. He leased a roaster to craft the first of his exceptional signature blends that have become integral to the global brand Di Bella Coffee is today. He worked hard to promote and share his innovation and vision, initially going door to door to attract clients.

His passion and dedication saw him set up his HQ in Brisbane Australia – a new landmark for coffee lovers and a key player in the supply of wholesale coffee to cafes across the country.

Since establishing Di Bella Coffee, Phillip and the company have been recognised by an array of prestigious awards. His success has earned him a place in BRW’s Young Rich List for four years running, and his entrepreneurship has been celebrated on several occasions. He’s an active member of the community and is fiercely proud of his Brisbane hometown. His community spirit was recognised in 2009 and again in 2014 when he received the Lord Mayor’s Corporate Citizenship award. In 2010, Phillip Di Bella also became the world’s youngest recipient of an Italian knighthood, bestowed with the ‘Order of the Star of Italian Solidarity’ for his contributions to the Italian community.   In March 2011, Phillip was appointed Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship in the Department of International Business and Asian Studies at Griffith University. He is recognised as one of the University’s outstanding alumni as a result of his success in the industry and his ongoing contribution to the profession and the community.

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