About Us.

We opened our doors with one goal in mind – to provide exceptional service to our customers and help them get a better deal on their home loan.


During our time in the mortgage industry, we have seen it change over and over again, but one thing remains the same -We are committed to our customers, ensuring that every experience with us is professional, helpful, and friendly.


We are an organisation that is committed to our customers every step of the way in their financial journey.

How we can help


At Living Wealth, we can help you with:

• Home loan/debt structure
• Investment property finance
• Budgeting and cash flow management
• Refinancing your existing loan
• Getting on the property ladder
• Self-employed finance
• and much, much more!


​We can teach you how to reduce the number of years on your home loan, significantly reducing the overall interest paid. To learn more, get in touch with us today!


We look forward to helping you soon.



About Josh

Joshua Day, the owner and founder of Living Wealth, is a businessman, entrepreneur, investor and returned serviceman. As one of Newcastle's best young financial educators, helping hundred's of everyday people succeed with their financial health.


Josh has addressed and worked with people from all walks of life, from those who have millions of dollars, to those who have not much money at all - all of which have had tremendous results from their time spent with him. He has deployed all of the tools and skills that helped him go from a poor kid who grew up in commission housing to the success that he is today.


Since starting his first business with his wife, Rachelle at 24 years of age, Josh has successfully overcome both business and personal adversity, and continues to be a role model and mentor for a great number of people Australia wide.


His story is one of true inspiration, and while touring the world during his 10 year career in the Royal Australian Air Force in both wartime and peace-keeping operations, rate as some of his greatest achievements yet.


Josh is married to Rachelle, and they have three beautiful kids - Emmett, Hendrix, and Frankie. He loves music, and loves to play his drumkit. His favourite saying is "You are the sum of the five people you hang around the most, so choose wisely".