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    Let me ask you a question..... Would you go to a Butcher to receive Hair Styling tips? If your answer is No, then why would you go anywhere else for Mortgage, and Financial Planning advice? We know what we're doing!

  • We have the Mortgage Playbook in the top drawer at Living Wealth Headquarters, this means that you will receive the best advice possible when it comes to Your Mortgage! We want you to succeed, and We want to be the one's that are being seen showing you how to succeed!

  • Get the right advice the First Time! Please do not be caught out by the deceit and loopholes that exist in the property market! Contact us, or fill in the contact form and let us help you make your property dreams a reality!

  • Before you start looking for a home or investment property, consider applying for conditional pre-approval. That way when you find your perfect place you'll be ready to make the move with confidence.

    • Are you looking to take your first step on the property ladder, but real estate prices are preventing you from buying a home in your dream location? Don't worry, you're not alone! The property market is booming in Australia, with CoreLogic data from January 2017 [...]

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    • There are countless different strategies when it comes to repaying your home loan, and one that's becoming increasingly popular is the interest-only loan. In fact the Australian Securities and Investments Commission data reported by MoneySmart suggests that one in four [...]

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    • It doesn't have to be the new year to make resolutions. Any time's a good time for introspection and to make little improvements to your life - including some that could change your future for the better such as buying your first home. The most dreaded of these have [...]

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